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Motorbike training for advanced riders

Do you already have experience on the racetrack and are confident that you can do a bit more? Would you like to hone your technique or do you still have deficits in your vision or in finding the ideal line? Our experienced instructors will be happy to Advanced Training and bring you closer to your goal step by step in individual training sessions. Learn to hit the braking and turn-in points safely with every turn, read the ideal line optimally and feel even more confident on your motorbike with every lap.  

All training sessions include a video recording to give you detailed feedback on your progress. 

You should fulfil the following requirements: 

  • Class A driving licence (not compulsory, but desirable)        
  • Safe handling of your motorbike        
  • Sufficient driving experience on the road 
  • technically perfect motorbike
  • sporty driving style
  • Suitable protective clothing (only leather permitted) incl. back protector (mandatory)
  • Interest in riding or learning to ride a motorbike in a sporty manner 

This is what RACECAMP offers you:

  • Individual training (incl. theoretical and practical parts
  • Driving exercises such as braking, lean angle training in the paddock (if possible)
  • instructed turns under guidance trained, experienced instructors
  • free riding after the instructed turns
  • all turns incl. video analysis

You can book all our training courses directly on site.
The training courses can only be booked in addition to an on-site event.
All training sessions are offered as part of the RACECAMP Track Days.



20 min. journey time
1:1 individual training 
incl. debriefing
Video analysis +10 €*

from 49,00 €*


Individual training
1:1 training
incl. intensive pre- and debriefing
incl. video analysis

from 139,00 €*

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